Artist Statement


The focus of my photography is rooted in my passion for exploring the diversity of human cultures, reflecting on cultural change in our fast-paced world, and ultimately creating a statement of understanding by sharing the human experience.


Raised in a small town in Southeastern Wisconsin, I’ve had a constant pull from a young age to get out and see the bigger picture.  Travel and adventure fuel my dreams and the challenge of capturing the essence of human cultures in still-imagery has become my passion.

Degreed as a mechanical engineer, I spent the first chapter of my professional career in product development and design.  My time inside the “cubical” further grew my enthusiasm for adventure which carried me to obscure places around the world.   Through my travels I fell in love with the technical challenge of using photography to tell the stories of these environments and the people I find within them.  The path through life is rarely a straight line.  Wanting to fully dedicate myself to chasing my dreams, I left the engineering world in 2014 to immerse myself in photography.

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Awards and Media Recognition

  • July 2017 - Award of Best in Photography from The Guild of Artists and Artisans, Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair
  • July 2017 - Live News Interview, WDIV Local 4 Detroit
  • July 2017 - Award of Honorable Mention in Photography, John Michael Kohler Mid-summer Arts Festival
  • June 2017 - Award of Honorable Mention in Photography, Cincinnati Summerfair 2017
  • May 2016 - Award of Best in Photography, East Lansing Art Festival